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Interesting facts about scaffolding

Even though modern scaffolding is typically made of metal pipes, it's still relatively common to find scaffolding made of bamboo in some part of Asia. Such scaffolding can even be used in construction of extremely high skyscrapers... even though we have yet to see the bamboo scaffolding in New York...

The earliest scaffolding in history appeared in the ancient North Africa and China. A Greek kylix (wine cup) dating from the early fifth century B.C. is ornamented with an image of a statue of a warrior enclosed within scaffolding.

The honor of being the most famous scaffold designer in history belongs, without any doubt, to the great sculptor, architect and painter Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni who, in the period from 1508 to 1512 painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel from the scaffold of his own design. The challenge was to keep the chapel open for religious services while the prolonged work on the ceiling frescoes continued, and to keep the cost of the temporary construction equipment to minimum. Obviously Michelangelo was also very concerned about safety of the single scaffolder: himself. So he designed a work platform that rested on brackets attached to the holes made in the walls mere feet from the ceiling. The scaffold covered only half of the chapel's ceiling at a time. Interestingly enough, the same famous holes made my Michelangelo for his scaffold were used again for the modern scaffolds during the most recent restoration of the ceiling!

We can only imagine what greatness Michlangelo would have achieved if his scaffolding graced New York City construction sites!

Speaking seriously, safety is the key principle behind any scaffold design, in New York and everywhere else in the world. Scaffolding is built with two types of safety in mind: safety of the work place and safety of the access to that work place. A good scaffold is a combination of a safe, stable working platform and a safe, protected ladder that helps workers to get to the work platform. Safety, therefore, is the key value provided by any scaffolding company. Being such a company, it's not a coincidence that we're called All-Safe, LLC.

No matter how modern the scaffold may be in its design, it's likely to use wooden boards for its main working surface (even though metals, such as aluminum or steel, often serve in place of wooden boards). Wood is also often used underneath scaffolding constructions, especially if the ground surface cannot provide sufficient stability of the structure.

We update this page regularly with new facts about scaffolding and especially about scaffolding safety. Please be sure to visit this web page again, and in the meantime you would be most welcome to call our New York office for more information: 718-389-9400.

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One of our most challenging and interesting scaffolding project: the inside scaffold for one of the New York's most famous museums – Guggenheim museum – this scaffold helped in fabrication of the famous Buren cube.

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